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the bite is were everywhere. and cabins for most of them were wearing the lifeless divers now have the awful task of bringing the bodies to the surface those left behind can only wonder at how fast their families were torn apart. our colleague was on dock ship she went on a cruise together with her family husband and five year old son and daughter says she was pregnant and was to deliver her second baby in august which is not found yet only her husband managed to survive she and her son died. and for those children left suddenly without parents the terrible truth they may not be able to comprehend for years in which she lost her mother and father we're all but will have to look after her and she's only want to know if years old you know as to what will you tell her we can't she wouldn't understand but there is much that people don't understand about this disaster feelings here amongst all of
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the people gathered here are very much ones of respect but all of big growing questions as to why this happened reports about the ship's engines failing about blocked emergency exits and the electricity failure that stopped any s.o.s. or evacuations instructions going out criminal cases have been opened into why two ships passing straight after the sinking didn't stop to pick up a single person and into why the aging vessel was allowed to sail in the first place but for those who have lost loved ones the case will never be closed tom bottom. you want to live the live from moscow still have three this hour deciding his fate continue covering the one high court session which will rule whether in the extradition to sweden now that we can leaks founder julian assange which will go ahead. the fury all worth the phone hat. scandal gripping britain goes
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international as the u.s. senate takes aim at the media empire. washington's plan missile shield over europe has been labeled as the main ericsson behind a wide ink has been a russian american relations by foreign minister sergey lavrov the u.s. has brushed off moscow's concerns over the project maintaining the shields only to protect against attacks from rogue states but some say it's taking advantage of bitterness to see through our reports. u.s. missile defense plans in europe are of course up for discussion here in washington foreign minister lavrov said russian news for him legally binding guarantees that the european missile defense project will not threaten russia's security there have been words before washington has many times said that the system would not be against russia but moscow needs to have it on paper some analyst explained that this urge that russia has for getting everything on paper with promises in the past that were not fulfilled for example when the soviet union collapsed russia was
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assured that nato would not be expanding towards these borders but he did condemn it continued recruiting new members of the bottom line is words are good but words in a legally binding agreement are better foreign minister lavrov said that's probably the most irritating issue in the relations between the two countries and there is a huge desire to live it behind and to rather turn it into an area of cooperation so it's on the ground that being created on the basis of america's national design of missile defense which was not accepted as a reasonable way to respond to what this received as being the. system so we want to stick to the original that there are no parts of the system which would agree three six for the strategic stability and for the but then. strategic stability area namely strategic arsenals of the participants of the system russia
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has offered building the missile shield in europe together but that offer was turned down nato says russia can participate but it can't be a joint project because russia is not part of nato to that moscow says if that's the case let's base our relations on agreements not just words the shield itself according to the state department will have the whole of europe covered my colleague alex a euro to romania where the u.s. plans to build the radar and found out what it means for the local population take a listen to the voice my. the romanian village of the still cannot believe his luck after washington picked this place in romania region to locate a new raider base locals have been all smiles about hypothetical investment. when we first heard that the us would build a retard we were a little bit scared police here we were informed that having this piece would mean better infrastructure and possibly jobs. to search for
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a long time. it will have a second chance. proposed to consist of raider facilities and interceptor rockets it is scheduled to be built by twenty fifteen and will become instrumental in president obama's european anti-missile defense shield in the one nine hundred fifty s. an airbase in the town of davis cell in romania was used by the soviet forces now with washington's plans to place the radar station here locals have a job that should book arrest change this foreign policy again the place will be occupied by the chinese similar plans were no joke for some other european countries thousands in the czech republic and poland protested against the initiative to have military bases on their soil with mixed results while the first line of interceptor missiles was eventually placed the czechs suddenly pulled out of it and. in romania there have been no demonstrations like that at all there is
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a historical fact that makes me now one of the most pro-american countries in the world it has been explained by our ancestors the better things and the companies came from the east everybody was expecting the american to rebalance the whole thing so there is this sentiment and this feeling that. the present of the us is counterbalance and specifically the us is contra balance. the presence or influence of russia. in the region if that is the real case then what security would this new shield provide and most importantly defense from whom not even two years since barack obama restructured the bush era european shield scheme moskos delight over the us president's move was replaced by feelings of discontent and concern that's what. it is and we're worried that washington does something before informing us of these actions it is unclear what exactly they're creating as soon
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as we understand that this is them won't be used against russia but will have legally binding guarantees to that this tension will be result of that despite being described as fruitful the recent summit between president with nato ambassadors in sochi broke no consensus on missile defense so experts say the issue will remain a thorn in the side for both moscow and washington at least until next year when the next nato russia council meeting will be held in chicago by the time construction of the rater facility endeavor solo would most likely be in full swing . the reporting from davis and book arrest in romania will expound or julian assange continues his fight against extradition at the high court in london sweden wants to question the world's most famous whistleblower over sexual assault allegations but his supporters fear extradition to the scandinavian country will open a way for the u.s.
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to get its hands on him laura amyt has the latest from outside the court building. today is the second day of what's expected to be a two day hearing that holds the appeal of june enough but whether he's to be extradited to sweden we're expecting wednesday to be given a bit too evident in the hall full of the swedish prosecutor's office since yesterday was given a visit to. defense i thought as he left the court last nights completely tight lipped he didn't wave to any of his supporters who was standing outside the court he just walked away which must be a direct instruction from his new legal team that he has high especially to deal with a steering the new legal team seem to take it on a new strategy that much more conciliatory about this case a much more concerned with european door and specifically the european arrest warrant under which students request to be extradited has been requested the legal
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team all hearing that the european arrest warrant is invalid because of discrepancies essentially between the allegations that have been made and the testimonies told the two alleged victims that a full count to be considered it's ranging from question of rights up to break and the defense team has said that there is nothing in the victim's statement that amounts to that and that no option evidence overlock could consent in those statements three of the full relegations they say wouldn't even amounts to crimes in the u.k. so it's very much the approach that that's taking hold they they are during attention to the fact that us almost has not been charged in sweden that he's wanted them maybe for questioning and they're saying has the prosecution started has he actually been accused of anything and if not then the european arrest warrant is in we may be eight bytes of verdicts at the end of wednesday but we may know that the judge may refer the decision to another day he may put it off and give decision a few days or even a few weeks' time we're hearing. reporting there and you can find more from our
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team on our website including the latest news blogs and expert in l. . well some of the stories you can fire dot com right now include how of world famous fast food chain turned into a grocery store officially dawns in russia serves up a smart move to save itself a super sized tax bill. also tightening the screws on child molesters chemical castration could be used on convicted paedophiles in russia as the president pushes for tougher punishments. while the u.s. is said by many to be one of the loudest preachers of human rights around the globe it's now facing a rising outcry against torture inside its own borders in the past sixty years thousands of professional torturers have reportedly been trained with approval from the department of defense but as our fourth found out the pentagon claims the didn't know how the training was being put into practice. it's been
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thirty years since colombian soldiers kidnapped be starved and electroshock tech there out east peace about all for having a quote subversive book. with the memories he relives every day few people have survived torture in cologne this time very lucky to be able to tell the story most people get tortured for. and then they get shot and kill many have been disappear hector says the colombian soldiers who tortured him and later killed his brother. and were trained right here on american soil at the school of the america and for benning georgia army major joyce of blair was an instructor there i was very much in favor of the school of the americas during the cold war era but major blair says he was horrified with what his former students did with their anti-communist training in their own country classified. army schools.
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use the words terror again next door assassinate. commonly. called waits for. graduates from the school of the americas have been implicated in massacres and torture throughout the hemisphere of the more than sixty thousand soldiers and police to have graduated ten thousand of them have been colombia has been the largest user of the school of the americas and i don't think it's an accident the. abuse of human rights in that with some hemisphere the eighth amendment to the us constitution forbids torture and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment as does the geneva convention but it did happen there's no question that our country not only engage in torture it's sort of put toward others how to do it we also rendered people we also sent people to prisons in other countries where they were in fact tortured there although congress demanded more oversight of military training programs and inter. investigation by the government
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accountability office showed that school of the americas manuals advocated using quote torture truth serum blackmail and execution the pentagon said it didn't know what the manuals contain because its staff advisors assigned to review them didn't speak spanish united nations special repertoire for torture one mendez himself a survivor of torture says a lack of transparency in the u.s. led to further abuse in the eighty's unfortunately. the military aid and police aid was restored and after that it's been difficult to document to what extent that includes teaching. techniques that are prohibited by law by international law it's a legacy that sharply contrast with the u.s. rhetoric about respect for human rights abroad torture survivors and religious leaders in washington d.c. have come together to demand a full commission of inquiry into what they describe as torture practiced or enabled by the united states including in its own prisons like one time obey and by
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the cia when president bush says that he mortar board and he would do it again. and he said damn right that he had ordered it. that's a very serious problem for the spirit soul of our country as the myth of how many prisoners were tortured by the united states are hard to find but survivors like hector's even numbers don't tell the full story when someone gets torture not only the person who. has to deal with the big wouldn't the cause of those on the torture it's also someone who has to be humanized themselves in order through the human eyes on the human being but a society that. is going to pay a price a very big price as well killing ford r. t. washington d.c. . the taliban's biggest achievement in tanveer is stats what the group called the assassination of the have brother of the afghan president karzai head of the province a volatile region on the border with pakistan. jere van dyke who back in two
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thousand and eight was held by the taliban for forty five days says the killing leaves washington with no one to rely on when it comes to securing the region. well the cars it was not just the governor or the shadow governor of kandahar he was the most powerful and the most popular person throughout all of southern afghanistan this shows that right now with the canadian troops pulling out and with the u.s. trying to you know focus on eastern afghanistan feeling that they have controlled the south there is now a vacuum who is in power who can the west rely upon no one the taliban have claimed responsibility for this but it's not clear that the taliban are responsible it could very easily be a power struggle i've also heard and others have reported that he was responsible for perhaps starting to bring the taliban together with the united states to negotiate therefore someone would have had a definite reason perhaps pakistan perhaps the taliban to stop this we don't know
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yet who is responsible because they killed the person who had all the information. it was an apparent journalist and author gerry van dyke there. was often accused of links with the taliban in afghanistan illegal drugs straight ahead of russia's federal drug control services even off says a decade of military failures of the coalition forces in the country aren't helping watch this full interview in just over an hour here on r t but here's a quick preview. this september will see the tenth anniversary of that interference longer world war two the situation in afghanistan hasn't improved and it's become even worse and even senior officials like general petraeus for example going to try operation in afghanistan to what it says was the number of clashes there increases year after year in fact the number of clashes over the past ten
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years has increased more than a hundred times but it was so heavy assigned tasks been achieved that we see that there was a curious you know you're going to start there's only got worse. drug production before because it damages the security situation so it's a kind of closed circle. the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire has gone international after u.s. senators called for their own probe into the news corp company it follows allegations that some of murdoch's newspapers attempted to bribe your policemen for access to the call records of nine eleven victims in britain the stern explosive details of the scope of the hacking from boyle to murder victims to set in were turned out as editor of the day online news service thing so the game data will be misused and not just by tabloids. i think where this does become a question for national security is the idea that. private phone numbers and
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private contact details of people like the royal family and the prime minister yes well this is not necessarily the same to sell these things to a newspaper as it would be to sell them to. terrorist organization but if you can do what you may be able to do the other so yes it's very serious but i think what people talk to and. expecting is for the scandal to go up through rebecca brooks who's the chief executive of news international to james murdoch and james mother kim self many people say should step down and take a break. to look at some other stories from around the world at least. explosion on a bus and the pakistani capital of islamabad police suspect the blast was triggered by a faulty gas cylinder and ignited all injured passengers were taken to hospital but officials have warrants the death toll is likely to rise. french lawmakers have
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voted in favor of continuing the country's military operation even if decision was supported by the majority of the lower house of parliament meanwhile french officials claim colonel gadhafi representatives have told him but if you really are as ready to discuss surrendering power stephen brown contributing editor of the front page online magazine believes the french are looking for an honorable way out of. france who just recently called for the rebels to negotiate with gadhafi and so the bombing will stop as soon as. the negotiating table that shows to me that nato is surrendering their surrendering process has begun i think the frenzy is continuing just putting up a front of the moment to looking for a way so a peace with honor withdrawal they can be they thought was going to be easy victory . i said way back when. they should i've negotiated with members tend their ground troops in the media only the rebels were too weak to defeat don't know what they were thinking they got caught up in. their own human rights. going to the u.n.
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waging war of the u.n. and this is the result you know there's no decision it's costing tens of millions of dollars. civilians are being killed libyan civilians should know we've had to ask here in into southern libya to protect your facilities i think he's the worst criminals in the future short of the war was never brought protecting libyan civilians it was a vote making sure the oil stayed safe with britain and france. while it was third time lucky for russia's space agency which finally managed to launch six u.s. communication satellites into orbit on one of its so used carriers satellites have already got to work following the early morning blast from the baikonur cosmodrome in council stand initially the launch was scheduled for the eleventh of july but it was postponed twice due to technical reasons the global star satellites on board will provide high quality voice and data services for more than one hundred twenty
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countries across the world. well reasoned up to date here on r.t. and let's see what's happening in the world of business dimitris here this. morning you're watching business switzerland is one of the top ten inverses in russia and the country's trade is only getting stronger both presidents are meeting today to talk a business the proposed free trade agreement of a wholesome cement plant near moscow business r.t. caught up with the swiss economic minister to find out what investors are looking at when it comes to. there is a need around need for technology here in your county the technology being. offered by the swiss companies to big companies and to small and mid-sized companies as well and of the other side to be in switzerland we buy in from different branches russian products russian production and development here and there is quite
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positively and what we stress is being one specced on a free trade agreement this gross can probably be increased significantly and that's what we are you mad. well reuss may sell stakes in seven companies to russia after accepting bailout funds linked to the states ceding of assets crisis here the economy may sell stakes in gas pipelines to refineries and other stated companies russian technologies corp say one gazprom are among those in talks with minsk it onto your sleeve than eight hundred million dollar bailout last month as the cash strapped economy burns fruits currency reserves alone is linked to the sale of seven hundred billion dollars of assets in its privatization program. it's moved out of the market so it was declining from a free day high as investors but the increasing u.s. crude supplies and debt crisis in europe may hold the montreuil get serious with
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light sweet and brant are down more than thirteen cents about the south. asian markets are positive after days of showed that china's g.d.p. expanded at a faster pace than expected. to do stocks again as a result with the china overseas land and investment adding almost six percent at one point financials are heading our way of trying to construction bank gaining more than two hundred percent japanese stocks so also on the rise with a strong and winning sentiment however limiting gains chip related stocks are edging lower but some exporters are getting on bargain hunting up to show. the markets will start trading in one hour my six finished up first of a percent down by just a notch. and russian stocks indeed posted moderate gains on the my six on tuesday after a sharp sell off in the previous session market jitters are driven by fears that europe's debt problems could spiral out of control and spread further into western
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for months on capital so the sentiment is still difficult to navigate. you could have a slight recovery day today but at the same time and the bad news out of your stocks are up again it's a really difficult market to navigate and also to predict i wouldn't i wouldn't bet my own money on the either up or down but i think the term you know if you looking at the trend i think we're going to translate before we go higher but you you know you could have into the intraday gains but the trend looks to be down at this point of time. through to the weakest level against the dollar in more than two weeks some choose data despite the shaky market sentiment seen jacobson from saxo bank thinks the bulls outlook is positive i think there is a lot of factors that could influence the ruble positively going forward among those being the privatization which is being talked about by the administration right now also think that the increase in the for the war mature capital markets
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could be by by almost by and definition increasing the demand for ruble globally as a currency as a foreign investor i have to say that probably one of the few things i will buy today would be the ruble because that gives me a part of the oil revenue given part of the growth story in russia. up next on the headlines with marina to stay with us.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realm of russia. we've got the future covered. for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in india is available in the movie the joint the hotel rooms the i love you that's the gateway hotel the grand imperial truly the top western coast coromandel you can to let her tell the closeness to her to see don't need to go and. read the sun the
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colonel was hotel to retreat. so it's likely coming to light from moscow these are the top stories one hundred people are now officially confirmed. dead after a russian cruiser sank in the volga river and the country's worst boating disaster divers have been pulling the bodies of victims including many children from the vessels packed game room. washington rejects russia's call for missile defense cooperation citing that it can work with a non nato country that's while taking advantage of that sentiment to secure future bases and europe. the world's most famous whistleblower julian assange continues his bid at the high court in london to fight extradition to sweden he's one of there for questioning over sexual assault allegations but his supporters fear
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sweden will be only a staging post to the u.s. . coming up our special report on one of the most scenic regions in russia from wash woodlands to my the mountains there's a region presents a sight to behold discovering russia is next. the region deep in the sun far east is one of russia's newest territories in two thousand and eight it brought together the chip. regions and with it a striking mix of asian and european culture. traveling around you can find buddhist temples spooling national parks and remote villages that still practice traditions that date back a thousand years but if you're flying here in the regions vibrant capital.
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one of. course the best way to get to know is to have a local show you around and i know one lady here who's promised to serve me a bit of what life is like in the sleigh. just over three hundred thousand people and it's a real mismatch of styles it's one of the only cities in russia that's based on a grid system and the downtown area has some beautiful european influenced architecture but the further you rolaids the more soviet and industrial it becomes . if you don't mind the old bug in your teeth this is a great way to see the city. friends on the only bike isn't should. these guys prefer to ride off the roads. motorcycle team is based we hold the trans.


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